Media coverage and elections: tracking news stories on politicians

Moritz Neujeffsk

25 Apr 2017, 11:45 a.m.
Main Plenary (Sala Verde)

Voter turnout has been in decline over the last couple of decades in Germany. At the same time, distrust in the political system and media accuracy is growing. With general elections coming up this year, School of Data Germany decided to set up a project which addresses these issues.

Together with their project partners (Abgeordnetenwatch & Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) they set out to monitor several media sources (traditional, social media, party programs and citizen consultation etc), and track the public outreach of parties and political representatives.

In this way School of Data Germany seek to increase transparency by building a tool which shows citizens how their representatives and parties communicate political issues to the public.

The tool will be integrated on their partners' platform, which provides possibilities for citizens to ask direct questions to Members of Parliament. In this way citizens can take better voting decisions as they receive comprehensive information on MPs and the ability to communicate directly with their representatives.

School of Data Germany discuss first findings of this project and show the possibilities of digital tools for increasing transparency and strengthening citizen engagement. They also present crucial points to take into account when running data-driven projects as a civil society actor.