Alvaro Herrero

Under Secretary

Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina

Speaking In

Civic Tech for governmental change

Towards the beginning of 2017, a Buenos Aires government department decided to create a website showing all public works under its jurisdiction. The results were unexpected.

Alvaro encourages us to examine how projects might have surprising effects on internal power dynamics in public administrations and local bureaucracies.

Two heads are better than one: working with governments

Chair: João Vasconcelos, Public Governance Directorate at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UK

Panelists: - Paula Forteza, French National Assembly Member (France) - Ana Neves, Cidadania 2.0 (Portugal) - Alvaro Herrero, Government of Buenos Aires City (Argentina)

Governments have a wealth of knowledge about the needs of their citizens. Civic Tech organisations often have innovative technologies that can meet those needs. What can we do to ensure that the two factions work effectively together to improve transparency, increase public engagement, and maximise benefits?