The Making All Voices Count programme: new lessons about donor-funded civic tech

Duncan Edwards
Rosie McGee

18 Apr 2018, 2:45 p.m.
Auditorium 3

Designed in the wake of the Arab Spring, Making All Voices Count had big and broad aspirations: to open up government, close the feedback loop, create more effective democratic governance and accountability around the world, enable all people, including the poor, to engage and call to account public and private institutions on policy issues that matter most to them.

MAVC recently ended, having funded 178 projects and produced 120 research and evidence publications, one handy synthesis of findings and one synthesis of operational lessons. Rather than re-state the lessons about best practice in devising tech solutions for discrete information problems in service delivery, this session will focus on two things: the potential and limits of technologies in the transformative project of building democratic and accountable governance; and the extent to which a donor-funded programme like this incentivises and rewards a careful, critical, evaluative approach.