The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference
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TICTeC is an annual milestone in the Civic Tech world, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and anyone with an interest in how technology is changing the way we engage with society.

“TICTeC is a crucial milestone in the development of civic tech and open government, because it takes stock of what we know, what works, and how.”
— Stefaan Verhulst, The GovLab @ New York University

“TICTeC is the best concentration of practitioners, academics, and thinkers in this field that I've come across anywhere.”
— Fran Perrin, Indigo Trust

TICTeC in the Future

September 2017

Join us this September for a special extra edition of TICTeC in Taipei, as part of the World Congress on Information Technology: civictechfest.org.

April 2018

Join us in April next year: subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re open for booking.

TICTeC in the Past

TICTeC 2017

Everything from TICTeC 2017, which took place in Florence, Italy.

TICTeC 2016

Access slides, transcripts, videos and more from our Barcelona conference of April 2016.

TICTeC 2015

The first TICTeC was a one-day conference in London, UK. See the talks and materials here.